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2015-2016 Travel Schedule

Travel is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about constant exploration and can’t wait to see where each journey takes us. 

April 2016

Washington DC, North Georgia

May 2016

Tennessee, North Carolina

July 2016

Dominican Republic

September 2016

California, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia

October 2016

Maryland, Delaware, North Georgia

Wanderlust…places we want to go

Banff National Park


Southern France


Zion National Park.

After a long day of flights, driving, and a great start to our All-American road trip we capped off the day with this

Marymere Falls Hike

Olympic National Park, Washington

After our summer wedding season in New Zealand we came home in a less than conventional way…a 28 day cruise throughout

Natural Light Photographer

Leavenworth, Washington

After our South Pacific cruise ship landed in Seattle we decided to take a little road trip through Washington to see

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